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Thanks Taiga Aisaka & Sirius Black

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Fuera de línea
on Mon May 01, 2017 12:14 am


The Forum Contractor

The Forum Contractor
Taiga Aisaka & Sirius Black,
Thank you for all your hard work whilst you were staff, as a thank you for being the first two staff and the amount of effort you put in I will be giving you both a free VIP 1 card. Welcome to the VIP class. Your award for retired staff has been added and your VIP Tier 1 award has also been added. Your profile signature is now able to be used once again. As retired staff you get 1 main thing that sets you apart from the other VIP's which is your italic name that appears anywhere on the forum, including the posts.

Good Luck in the Future,
GS Staff Team Leader


Founder of Game Stand

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